How to Fish on "Minecraft" for the Xbox


In "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," your character needs to eat to keep his health up. If you're in a world with plenty of water, one of the quickest ways to get a meal is to catch some fish. To do this, you'll need a fishing rod. You can either find a fishing rod in a blacksmith's chest or craft one from a few common supplies.

  • Gather three sticks and two strings for the fishing rod if you don't already have one. To get sticks, chop down trees and pick up the wood blocks. Go to your crafting table and process the wood into wood planks and then into sticks. To find the string, kill spiders that only appear at night.

  • Go to the crafting table and select "Fishing Rod" in the Tools category. The rod goes into your main inventory.

  • Press "Y" to open the inventory. Highlight the fishing rod and press "Y" to move it to your quick inventory.

  • Stand next to any type of water, such as a pool, lake or ocean. Press "LB" or "RB" to scroll to the fishing rod in your inventory.

  • Press "LT" to cast the line into the water. Wait for the bobber to splash and dip below the water's surface. When you see this, immediately press "LT" to yank the fish out of the water. You'll normally pick up the fish automatically. If it flies over your head, look behind you and walk over the fish to pick it up.

Tips & Warnings

  • A fishing rod will break after catching 65 fish. The rod will break sooner if you strike blocks with it or use it against people or animals.
  • You earn the Delicious Fish achievement when you catch and cook a fish. You can get the achievement quickly in the tutorial level.
  • To cook your fish, you'll need a furnace. Collect eight stone blocks and turn them into a furnace at the crafting table. Put a fuel source, such as coal or wood, in the furnace's bottom slot. Put the fish in the top slot. When the arrow turns completely white, the fish has finished cooking. Press "Y" to put it in your inventory.

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