How to Fuel the Snow Plow in "Scooby Doo! and the Spooky Swamp" for the Wii


Getting stuck in a video game is frustrating. Sometimes it's a matter of dubious puzzle logic; other times it's simply a question of pressing the right button at the right spot or finding an item you'd overlooked. Roughly two-thirds through "Scooby-Doo and Spooky Swamp," you have to use a snow plow to clear the way, but the snow plow's gas tank is empty and must be filled to proceed. There are three parts of this task that can be tricky: finding the gas can, filling up the tank and activating the snow plow.

  • Enter the cabin to the left of the snow plow.

  • Pick up the gas can in the corner of the cabin. Carry it outside.

  • Carry the gas can over to the snow plow. Jump onto the platform attached to the back of the snow plow.

  • Drop the gas can onto the platform if it's not pulled out of your character's hands automatically. It disappears into the snow plow, which starts up.

  • Switch your character to Velma. Active the control panel on the rear of the snow plow.

  • Memorize the sequence of lights. Reproduce it when prompted to set the snow plow in motion.

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