How to Get the Replay Missions in "Gun" for GameCube


"Gun" for the Nintendo GameCube doesn't have an obvious way to replay missions you've already passed. Once you beat the game's final boss, though, it's possible to play your favorite missions again via a hidden menu option. To unlock mission-select mode, you'll need to ride your horse to Blackfoot Territory, the first area of the game. You keep all your current skills, weapons and items in mission replay.

  • Complete all missions in Story mode and beat the final boss. You don't need to complete any side missions.

  • Get a horse from Dodge City or another town. Ride back to Blackfoot Territory, the forested area where the game began.

  • Look for a pair of boulders below a ledge. Position your horse on the left side of the highest boulder.

  • Press "X" to jump the horse and then quickly press "L" to spur it onto the boulder.

  • Jump across the gap to the ledge. Ride your horse into the pool of water.

  • Position the horse between the two rocks jutting out of the water.

  • Hold down the "L," "R" and "A" buttons together for several seconds until you hear a sound.

  • Press "Start" and select "Options." Choose the "Gun" option.

  • Select a mission to replay.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also watch cutscenes from the Gun options menu.
  • Once you've beaten the game and completed all side missions, you'll unlock Magruder's cannon shotgun and Reed's armored horse. Collect both rewards at the Magruder Mine.

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