How to Battle the Tigrex in "MGS: Peace Walker"


In "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker," Snake's challenges continue after you beat the final boss. Hidden in the game are several secret missions that feature fearsome bosses from Capcom's "Monster Hunter" series. One of these bosses is Tigrex, a monster with the claws of a tiger and the fangs of a dinosaur. Tigrex isn't available to fight until you've unlocked the Monster Hunter missions and battled the first beast, Rathalos.

  • Listen to all of Chico's audio briefings in every mission. To listen to a file, select a mission, and then select "Briefing Files" from the deployment screen. Go to the Chico tab and select a briefing. To quickly skip through lines of dialogue, press "Circle" on PSP and PlayStation 3. Press "B" on Xbox 360.

  • Open the Mission Selector and go to the Extra Ops tab. Select mission 29, Item Capture.

  • Take out the three guards and then destroy the item crate. Pick up the items.

  • Go south to the Playa del Alba beach. At the beach, turn left and go to the dock. Your partner, Miller, messages you about a strange animal on the beach.

  • Head to the end of the dock to find Trenya, a talking cat. When Snake and the cat finish talking, the mission ends and Monster Hunter missions are unlocked.

  • Go back to the Extra Ops menu. Scroll all the way down to find mission 121, Hunting Quest: Rathalos.

  • Defeat Rathalos to unlock the Tigrex Battle mission.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before fighting Tigrex, equip the M47, Carl Gustav and the Battle Dress with Helmet item. Take as many Rank 5 recovery items as you can hold. In battle, dodge Tigrex's tail swipes and bites, and then lure the beast into a wall. His head will get stuck, giving you time to attack.
  • If you get an S rank on the Tigrex battle, you earn the Tigrex Uniform. To get an S rank, you can't kill any monster during the mission, including the boss. Damage Tigrex until he's almost dead, and then shoot him with the tranquilizer gun to knock him out.

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