How to Get the Bridge Fixed in the Ocean Temple on "Spirit Tracks"


Link’s adventures in “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” present him with a number of puzzling challenges. One such challenge, encountered after completing the third Tower of Spirits dungeon, is a broken bridge that makes traveling to the next destination impossible. Link will have to find a way to repair the bridge before continuing on his quest to save the world.

  • Pull into the station closest to the broken bridge and speak with Linebeck the III, who lives in the only nearby house. He’ll tell you about a bridge repair expert who lives in the snow.

  • Hop back into the train and travel to the Snow Realm. The first stop in Snow Realm is the Bridge Worker’s Home.

  • Talk to the bridge worker and tell him about the broken bridge. He will hop into your train.

  • Head back to the train and talk to Ferrus, who warns you about the trial to come: You must obey all train signs on the way to the broken bridge, or the carpenter leaves your train.

  • Proceed back to the Trading Post stop, obeying all train signs as you go. Once you arrive, run over to the bridge and you will find that the carpenter can fix it, but Linebeck is unwilling to part with the 5,000-rupee fee.

  • Talk to Linebeck back in his home to learn of the Regal Ring, a rare item worth 8,000 rupees. Run left out of the house and play the Song of Awakening for the statue to learn the Song of Discovery. Enter the cave next to the statue.

  • Make your way through the cave until you find a tablet that marks the burial site of Captain Linebeck. Pull out your flute and play the notes in order: Purple, yellow, orange, turquoise, silver.

  • Walk to the shining light you have uncovered and trace a boomerang path through the light. Tossing the boomerang will activate a switch and raise a small bridge.

  • Cross the bridge and use a bomb on the crack in the wall. Defeat the monsters in this room and read Linebeck’s letter for clues as to the ring’s hiding place.

  • Stand next to the crystals and play the Song of Light. The crystals will create light paths in the room. Walk to where the light paths intersect.

  • Walk four steps north and six steps west from the point of intersection. Play the Song of Discovery to find the hidden Regal Ring treasure chest.

  • Show the ring to Linebeck back in his home. The bridge repairman will accept the ring as payment for his work, and the bridge will now be repaired.

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