How to Do the Brickhead Quest in "DragonFable"


The "Brickhead" quest in the online role playing game "DragonFable" is part of a series of quests that end in you acquiring a dragon egg. This quest requires you to travel to the Earth Cave in order to defeat a boss called the Stone Head. Before you can do this quest, you must first complete the preceding quests from Twilly and Warlic. Once you defeat the Stone Head, you acquire a special item called rubble that brings you one step closer to receiving a dragon egg.

  • Log in to the game and travel to the town of Falconreach.

  • Click on Twilly, the red creature sitting on a stump next to the weapon shop, and then click "Robina the Hood."

  • Click "OK" and then follow the road east out of town and into Surewood Forest.

  • Talk to Robina who is sitting next to a waterfall in the forest.

  • Click "The Black Dragon Box" and then click "Yes." Perform the quests given to you by Robina in order to reclaim the box.

  • Click the "Battle!" button when Drakath shows up to try and steal the box. Defeat Drakath and his minion, Krakhim using your strongest attacks.

  • Click the "Complete Quest" button after the scene that shows what happened to the dragon egg that was inside the box.

  • Return to Falconreach and talk to Twilly again. Click "Treasure Hunter" and then follow the road east out of town again until you reach Valencia, the treasure hunter.

  • Click "Quests" and then select "Sneevil Dumpsite." Fight your way through the dumpsite until you reach the egg only to have it snatched away by a giant bird.

  • Click "Complete Quest" and speak to Valencia again. Click "Quests" and then click "Vultragon." Click "Mt. Moordoor" to start the quest.

  • Make your way to the left, killing all the monsters that you encounter. Go through the red door, through the yellow door, through the green door and finally through the brown door. Walk to the right to find the Vultragon with the stolen egg.

  • Defeat Vultragon to get the egg and then click "Complete Quest."

  • Talk to Valencia and select "Quests." Click "Egg-xactly 5" and then go speak to Twilly in Falconreach again.

  • Click "Warlic" and then click "OK." Use the flight map to travel to Warlic's Tent and then speak to the blue mage.

  • Click "Dragon Egg" and then click "Warlic's Tent." Click "Enter the tent" and watch the scene that unfolds.

  • Speak to Warlic again and click "Dragon Egg." Click "The Tome" and then click "To the Tower."

  • Fight your way through the tower, killing all the monsters that stand in your way. The tower is linear and you can only travel towards the right so you cannot get lost.

  • Click the glowing tome laying on the ground to complete the quest and return to Warlic. Speak to Warlic again and click "Dragon Egg."

  • Click "Strings of Flame" and then click "Go" to start the quest. Walk North (up) from Warlic's tent and then go right when you see a pillar with a ball of fire above it.

  • Enter the doorway on the next screen and then continue to the right until you reach a section where the path splits into two. Take the upper route and keep going right until you reach an area with two bags lying on the ground.

  • Kill all the fire monsters and then pick up the bags before returning to Warlic.

  • Click "Dragon Egg" and then click "Brickhead." Warlic instructs you to travel to the Earth Cave and defeat a Stone Head boss to acquire some rubble.

  • Click "Go" to and walk East (right) from Warlic's tent to reach a four-way intersection.

  • Take the north (upper) path and follow it until you reach a cave.

  • Enter the cave and continue to the right, killing all Boulder Elemental enemies that stand in your way.

  • Continue along the path until you reach a t-junction and then take the north (upper) route.

  • Click on the giant stone head to initiate combat. The Stone Head monster does not have any resistances so attack him with your most powerful spells and abilities. Having another party member such as Artix will make this battle a lot easier.

  • Use your "Stun" spell to incapacitate the monster and then follow up with "WarCry" as well as "Double" and Triple" for an easy win.

  • Click the bag lying on the cave floor once the battle is over to complete the quest. You are automatically warped back to the cave entrance and can now return to Warlic for the next quest.

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