How to Get to Kanto on "Pokemon Silver" Version for GBA


Your game doesn't end once you've beaten the Elite Four in "Pokemon Silver." You have proven yourself as one of the best Pokemon trainers in the Johto region, so your mentor, Professor Elm, gives you an S.S. Ticket as a gift. The S.S. Ticket enables you to ride a ship to the Kanto region. In Kanto, you'll find new challenges and capture Pokemon available nowhere else in the game.

  • Beat the game and wait for the credits to stop rolling. You'll go directly to your home in New Bark Town.

  • Leave the house and enter Professor Elm's lab in the top-left corner of town.

  • Talk to Professor Elm to receive the S.S. Ticket.

  • Fly or walk to Olivine City, located south of Route 39 and north of Cianwood City and Whirl Islands.

  • Go to the docks and board the S.S. Aqua. Once you board, a man will ask you to help him find his granddaughter. You need to do this before you can leave the ship.

  • Battle the man in the cabin next to yours. Go below deck and talk to the sentry blocking the hall. When he hears that you've defeated his friend in battle, he'll move aside.

  • Continue down the hall and enter the captain's cabin. Talk to the little girl and you will automatically go back to her grandfather's cabin. The man rewards you with the Metal Coat and seconds later the ship docks at Vermillion City in Kanto.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Metal Coat item allows you to evolve Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor. It also boosts the attack power of steel-type moves by 10 percent.
  • If you need experience or money, battle some of trainers in the cabins before leaving the ship.

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