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The Xbox 360 uses a hard drive to store data related to the games you play. You can save games, add gaming profiles, create an avatar for yourself and store your Xbox Live Account details. These items are not permanently associated with one Xbox; you can move them to another console. Once the items have been removed, delete the data from your device and use the extra room to store something else, like more games. You can utilize the cloud to store some information, like your saved games, or you can transfer data with a USB stick or a memory unit.

Copying Individual Items

  • Turn your Xbox on, press the Home button on your controller (the large silver one), select “Settings” and then choose “System.”

  • Open “Storage” and select your hard drive as the storage device. This will open a list of the types of files you have saved on your device. These file types include games, gamer profiles, demos, videos, themes, pictures, items for your avatar, items for the Xbox system and any music you have saved to your console.

  • Select the type of content you want to copy, and a list of specific items for that content type will appear. For example, selecting “Games” will display a list of games that have save data on your console. Select the game to open another list of the files that are available for that game.

  • Select “Copy” and select the storage device to which you want to copy your files. You Xbox will copy the files and close the “Copy” window.

Copying Multiple Items

  • Remove the hard drive that contains that data you want to transfer from the old Xbox console. Look for a tab at the top of your console if you have an original Xbox console, and lift the hard drive gently as you press in on that tab. For new console owners, slide the hard drive release tab toward the front of your Xbox and then press in on the hard drive once it is exposed. After a “click” sound, the hard drive will gently slide out of its compartment.

  • Connect the hard drive you removed to the large end of the “Xbox Transfer Cable.” Older hard drive owners will need to fit the small connector on the hard drive into the side of the cable. For newer drives, simply connect the cable and the hard drive.

  • Connect the USB end of the transfer cable to your new Xbox.

  • Turn your Xbox on, select “Settings” once it has loaded and then choose “System.”

  • Scroll down to “Storage” and press “A” to select “Storage.”

  • Scroll down the list of devices that are attached to your Xbox until you have highlighted the old hard drive. Press the “Y” button to open “Device Options,” scroll down to “Transfer Content” and then press the “A” button.

  • Choose the new hard drive as the device to which you want to transfer your data. The transfer will begin and end automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure that your console is powered off before you attempt removal of a hard drive for any reason. Removing the hard drive while the console is on may result in data loss.

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