How to Use Telekinesis in "Dead Space"


In Chapter 2 of "Dead Space," a dying woman gives your character, Isaac Clarke, a Kinesis module. With Kinesis you can pick up objects from a distance and fire them at enemies. Unlike the Stasis module you found in the Chapter 1, Kinesis doesn't require any ammo or energy to fire. You'll find it useful for conserving bullets if you're running low.

  • Load Chapter 2, "Intensive Care."

  • Take the Kinesis module from the woman in white.

  • Press and hold "LT" to aim with Kinesis on Xbox 360. While holding "LT," press "B" to pick an object up with Kinesis. Tap "RT" to fire the object.

    Hold down "L1" to aim Kinesis on the PlayStation 3. Tap the "Circle" button to grab an item, and then press "R1" to fire it.

    Click and hold the right mouse button to aim Kinesis on PC. Press "F" to pick up an object. Click the left mouse button to throw it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most enemies have blade-like limbs that they use to attack you. If you sever an enemy's limb, use Kinesis to pick it up and fire it back at the monster. This kills many monsters in a single shot.
  • In Chapter 11, you'll go back to the docking station where your team first landed their ship. Look down between the tracks to find a small statue. Pick up the statue with Kinesis to earn the "There's Always Peng!" achievement or trophy. You can also sell the Peng statue at a store for a few thousand credits.

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