How to Get the Fossil Raptor Mount in Archeology on "World of Warcraft"


In “World of Warcraft,” your mount says a lot about who your character is, where he’s from and what he likes to do. The Fossilized Raptor Mount, for example, is special item exclusive to those who work to perfect archaeology, an in-game skill dedicated to finding fossil fragments and figuring out how to piece them together. There is a certain amount of randomness to earning the mount as it is not a guaranteed drop, but with the right approach you may get lucky early in your archaeology career.

  • Pick up the archaeology skill from a trainer in one of your faction’s capital cities. Like cooking and fishing, archaeology is a secondary profession -- this means you can learn it in addition to your primary professions.

  • Open your world map with the “M” key to find dig sites. There are four dig sites per continent that only shift after you visit and survey them.

  • Head to dig sites and use the survey skill to find archaeology objects. Finding objects will start a project in your Archaeology tab -- track down the required number of fossils to complete the project and raise your archeology skill.

  • Continue surveying dig sites and raising archaeology until you discover the Fossilized Raptor artifact. Where and when you find it is completely up to chance; some players have discovered it early in their archaeology careers and some are still hunting even with the skill maxed out.

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