How to Pack a Lot of Clothes in a Small Space


Packing clothes always seems to carry with it a bit of stress. Whether you are packing for a vacation getaway or moving to a new place, space saving is one of the challenges that faces you. Thankfully, there are space-saving maneuvers that can make your stress load a little lighter.

  • Make separate piles for heavier clothing items and those made of lightweight material. These two types of items should be packed differently, as heavier fabrics tend to take up a lot of unnecessary space if not packed properly. Adversely, lightweight fabrics, like cottons and polyesters, can be utilized to save space.

  • Lay your heavier items flat at the bottom in a single layer or a few layers. Only fold them once over if need be to fit into the container. Use heavier fabrics to make the base, allowing more room for the lightweight fabrics that can be rolled or tucked as needed.

  • Lay out each lightweight item flat, then roll it tightly into a bundle. Begin stacking each rolled piece, one next to the other, atop the heavier fabric base you’ve created at the bottom.

  • Continue rolling lightweight items and laying one next to the other. Once you have a layer of rolled items, begin stacking rolls on top of each other creating a second, third or fourth layer as needed. Leave about four inches of space between rolled items and the top of your container to pack any shoes you’ll need.

  • Utilize the space in your shoes. Shoes can be a tricky item to pack, but if you use the space inside those soles, they can help. Stick rolled up items into shoes, or fill shoes with smaller items such as undergarments or socks. Place shoes in the final layer atop the rest of the clothing you packed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Tuck accessories in between rolled up items or against the sides of your container. Accessories should be the last thing you pack, as they are typically small and can easily be tucked away.
  • Vacuum packing items is another way to save space, especially if items are to be packed away for long periods of time. Vacuum packing can preserve items and prevent moths from getting to them. Find vacuum packing supplies at department stores, home care stores or craft stores.
  • If you have delicate items, such as a wedding dress or expensive suit, do not pack these tightly with other clothes. These high scale pieces should be afforded more space to ensure that they don’t get damaged. Most packing supply stores sell standup boxes that allow for hanging delicate items such as these either separately or all together.
  • Utilize pockets for toiletries and small items. Suitcases often have small zipper compartments that should be set aside for toiletries. Pack toiletries in small zip-lock plastic bags as well, to ensure any accidental leaks don’t get to your clothing.

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