How to Help a Daughter Deal With Rumors in School


Rumors are ugly, and when your daughter is dealing with rumors, it makes them even uglier. You might understand that sometimes people who aren’t happy with their own lives have nothing better to do but start rumors about others in order to feel better, but your daughter might not be old enough to grasp that concept just yet. When someone starts a rumor about her at school, it helps if you can teach her how to handle the situation with grace and dignity.

  • Help your daughter understand why people spread rumors, advises Kids Health. For example, whoever is spreading rumors about her at school might suffer from insecurity or she might want to intimidate your daughter to make herself feel better. Furthermore, it’s important for your daughter to understand that spreading vicious rumors is a form of bullying and she does not have to stand for that treatment.

  • Listen to your daughter but do not fight her battle for her, advises Scholastic’s Parent and Child Magazine. Listening to her shows that you understand her feelings and it helps her feel like someone is on her side rooting for her, but solving the problem of rumors for her doesn’t teach her how to handle the situation on her own.

  • Encourage your daughter to handle the situation of being the subject of untrue rumors by confronting the person who started the rumors, advises Teens Health. Ideally, your daughter should do this in a nonviolent manner. It would help if she could get the person alone to discuss it with maturity, but if she can’t, she can always approach a teacher and ask if she can have a few minutes of time in the classroom without the rest of the class to talk to the girl spreading rumors about her. She needs to tell the girl she understands that she is spreading rumors about her and ask her to put a stop to it. She doesn’t have to be her friend, she only needs to point out that that while they may not get along, it’s not necessary to spread gossip about the other.

  • Monitor what you can, such as text messages and online posts about your daughter from the kids spreading rumors about her, advises Parent and Child Magazine. While it is best to stay out of it and only offer support and advice to your daughter, you do need to know if someone is threatening her. If she is in danger, you need to report the threats to her school to resolve the situation.

  • Remind your daughter not to let her confidence waver, advises Kids Health. Remind her of her many great qualities and encourage her to hold her head high, stay calm, and be the bigger person when it comes to dealing with rumors.


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