How to Feel Comfortable With Your Baby's Caregiver


Whether it's your first time leaving your baby with a caregiver or you're hiring someone new, your comfort level is one of the biggest factors in choosing someone to take care of your child. Whether a daycare center, babysitter, nanny, au pair or other type of caregiver, you want to be sure that you trust your baby's caregiver to give her the type of love and attention you would. Getting to know your caregiver better and finding out more about her care philosophies can help you rest assured you made the right choice.

  • Interview all potential caregivers carefully before you hire one to care for your baby. You'll want to ask about issues like experience, training, health certifications, references, care philosophies and even some hypothetical situations, suggests After an interview, you should have a solid idea on what type of caregiver an individual would be for your baby and whether or not she's someone you'd like to hire.

  • Ask that your baby's caregiver start work a few hours or -- if she'll be caring for your baby on a long-term basis -- a few days ahead of schedule. That way, she can see how you interact with your baby, get to know your routines and how your household operates before she begins working unsupervised. This also gives you the chance to form a personal relationship with your caregiver, so you feel better about trusting your baby to her.

  • Spend time with your caregiver as much as possible. Invite him to family gatherings or pour a cup of coffee when you get home and chat for a few minutes. Getting to know your baby's caregiver's overall personality can make you feel more comfortable with his role in your baby's life.

  • Observe how your baby responds to his caregiver. Even young babies form attachments to caring, loving people and can shy away from others. If your baby seems happy to be with his caregiver and responds to her positively, you can feel confident that you've made the right choice in care for your little one.

  • Watch for warning signs that a caregiver might not be as kind or attentive as you'd like for you baby, warns Some red flags include a caregiver who can't answer basic questions about your baby's activities, like feeding and sleeping, a caregiver who leaves your baby unsupervised or to whom your baby responds negatively. These, coupled with a bad feeling, could mean that it's time to look for a new caregiver for your precious cargo.


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