How to Tie a Kickboxing Belt


A martial arts belt represents different things to different people. To some, it is a mark of achievement and indicative of their skill. To others, it's simply a means to keep your uniform together. Whatever your thoughts, the belt should be correctly tied, so you properly represent your teacher, school and art. The proper way produces a square knot behind two evenly hanging ends.

Kickboxing belts represent your rank within a school.
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Step 1

Fold the belt in half to find its center. Unfold the belt, but hold the center.

Step 2

Place the center of the belt on your waist, just below your navel. The two halves of the belt should dangle to the left and right.

Step 3

Wrap the left end of the belt around your waist and hold it under the belt's center.

Step 4

Wrap the right end of the belt around your waist and hold it just above the belt's center. You should now have two shorter ends hanging to either side. Wrapping the belt in this manner produces a single strand around your waist. Many schools simultaneously wrap both ends around, so the two ends cross over in the back.

Step 5

Tuck the right end under the belt, so it wraps around all other layers and exits from the top. Cross the right end over the left end and feed it through hole created during the crossover.

Step 6

Pull the ends tight to finish the square knot. Both ends should be equal in length and protrude from either side of the knot. A common mistake occurs when you wrap the left end over the right when forming the knot; this makes both ends incorrectly protrude from the top and bottom.

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