How to Do a Hexagon Squat Exercise


Squats rule as the very best exercise for strengthening your entire lower body, along with your hips. This exercise heavily works the quadriceps of the front thighs and gluteus maximus of rear hips. It also targets the hamstrings of the back thighs and soleus of the calves to a smaller degree. The back squat can be a difficult and uncomfortable exercise for beginners and those with back complications. An alternative to back squats is hexagon squats, which are similar to trap bar deadlifts. This variation allows you to hold the resistance in your hands rather than place it on your back, thus making the exercise more comfortable to perform.

Squats are king, or queen, of lower body exercises.
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Step 1

Place the hexagon bar on the floor. Load the desired number of weight plates on each handles at each end of the bar. Place a safety clip on each of the two weighted ends to prevent the weight plates from falling off.

Step 2

Stand in the middle of the hexagon bar. Bend your hips and knees, and grasp the two handles with your hands in a neutral grip. If you have a weak grip, then place your thumb under your index finger to better secure your grip. Otherwise, your grip may give out before your lower body muscles do and thus prevent you from fully exhausting the muscles.

Step 3

Move your feet outward until they are slightly past shoulder-width apart. Point your toes slightly outwards by externally rotating your shinbones. This outwardly pointing foot position allows you to better work your quadriceps.

Step 4

Keep your back as straight as possible and maintain this back position throughout the range of motion. Never round your back or you will place you spine in a risky position.

Step 5

Raise the bar off the floor until your body is upright. This is the starting position.

Step 6

Bend your hips and knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. When your reach this position, the weight plates should be touching the floor or very close to it. Do not bang the weight on the ground when you reach this point, as this cheating technique takes away from the effectiveness of the movement.

Step 7

Extend your hips and knees until you return to the upright body position. Do not fully lock out your knees when you reach the top position to avoid stressing your knees too much.

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