How to Give a Cat Hairball Gel

Your furry pal's grooming doesn't have to result in hairballs.
Your furry pal's grooming doesn't have to result in hairballs. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

It's no secret that cats are avid groomers, and unless you own a hairless cat, finding and cleaning up hairballs is part of being a cat parent. While grooming, your cats ingests his own hair, some of which might not pass through his digestive system, resulting in a regurgitated hairball. Hairball gel can spare your pet companion the gagging, retching and hacking that often goes paired with bringing up the hairball. The gel lubricates the hair so it can pass in his stool, resulting in fewer cleanups for you.

Bring your cat to a veterinarian if he throws up hairballs on a weekly basis or if he consistently gags and coughs without anything coming out. A veterinarian can rule out medical conditions, such as kidney disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease or thyroid disease, which can all be causing the symptoms.

Squeeze a ribbon of hairball gel on your finger and hold it in front of your cat's nose. Hairball gel comes in various flavors that appeal to cats. If you're lucky, your pet companion might just gobble up the gel right from your finger as if he's eating a treat. Alternatively, serve the gel in a dish and place it in front of your cat.

Squeeze a ribbon of the hairball gel on top of your cat's front paw if he's not a fan of hairball gel. Your finicky feline will quickly lick and consume the gel to get it off his fur. If easier, squeeze a ribbon of gel on your finger and rub it on his paw. Alternatively, dab the gel on top of your cat's nose.

Tips & Warnings

  • To minimize ingested hair and hairballs, brush short-haired cats at least once a week, and brush long-haired cats daily or at least every other day.
  • Follow veterinarian or label recommendations for the dosage amount and frequency.
  • Consult a veterinarian about switching your cat to a hairball-reducing food.
  • Avoid administering hairball gel right before or after feeding your cat, because it might interfere with the absorption of essential vitamins.

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