How to Baby-Proof an Oven for Toddlers


If your toddler is like most, he gets into everything he can get his little hands onto, including unsafe things like the oven. Because you probably don't want to stop using your oven, you need to take immediate steps to ensure that your child isn't in danger of getting burned while you're cooking. Fortunately, it's a straightforward process to baby-proof your oven so your little one isn't in danger while you're preparing meals.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby gate
  • Oven lock
  • Oven knob covers
  • Oven safety strap and anchor
  • Install a baby gate so your baby isn't able to get close to the oven. Even when the door is closed, the exterior can still be quite hot to the touch. Using a baby gate can prevent your little one from accidental burns by getting too close. Jennifer Bright Reich, author of "The Babyproofing Bible," suggests keeping your baby at least three feet away from the oven while you're using it, as well as right after you turn it off since it'll remain hot for several minutes.

  • Install an oven-door lock so your baby can't pull on the handle and open the door. Even if the oven is off, your little one might still try to climb into the oven, which can lead to serious injuries. Always keep the oven door locked when it's on to prevent your baby from opening it and getting burned.

  • Use knob covers. Little hands relish the chance to turn the knobs on the oven and stove, which means that your child might turn the oven on. If you don't notice right away, your child is at a higher risk for injuries and burns.

  • Anchor your oven to the wall. This prevents it from tipping over on your baby if he grabs the handle of the door or if he tries to climb up the oven. Use a safety strap and anchor, which screws into the wall and keeps your oven from shifting forward or side-to-side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Oven locks, knob covers and safety straps are available at most retail stores that sell baby gear.
  • If your childproofing hasn't deterred your child from playing with the oven, unplug if you can when you're not using it.
  • If you need a new oven, consider buying one with insulation. This keeps the outside from getting so hot that it poses a burn risk.


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