How to Bring Up Twins


A newborn baby can turn your life upside down, so twins have the potential to cause double the trouble. Organization, forward planning and lifestyle changes are required to parent twins successfully. It is important to accept that parenting twins can be an unpredictable experience and adopt a go-with-the-flow attitude, as getting stressed will not do you, your spouse or your twins any good.

  • Prioritize your tasks. Twins -- particularly in the baby and toddler stages -- require a lot of care, time and attention. By managing your time effectively, you will feel more in control, keep stress to a minimum and perhaps even have some time to yourself. Focus on the important tasks and accept that you no longer have time to do certain things.

  • Ask for help. Involve your spouse in all aspects of bringing up your twins. Seek assistance from relatives and friends. Having help on a daily basis will make you feel more in control and your twins will benefit from having a happy, calm parent.

  • Organize every aspect of your life. Create lists of daily tasks, use calendars to schedule appointments and set reminders on your cell phone. Keep a diary to record important developments in your twins's lives. Arrange vaccinations, family outings, vacations and other events well in advance and make sure you have all the essential supplies prepared to avoid last-minute panicking.

  • Allocate specific parts of your home for your twins's equipment, from diapers and toiletries when they are babies to clothes, shoes and school supplies when they are older. Keep things in one place to avoid rushing around the whole house looking for things. Buy in bulk whenever possible to keep last-minute dashes to the store to a minimum.

  • Arrange date nights with your spouse as soon as you are comfortable leaving your twins with a sitter. Try to spend one evening a month doing something together that you both enjoy without the twins. Remember you are a couple, not only parents of twins.

  • Join a twins group, either locally or online. Other parents of twins and multiples know exactly what you are going through and will be able to offer support and advice from the newborn stage right through to adolescence.

  • Treat each twin as an individual. Avoid dressing them alike at all times, take plenty of photographs of them on their own and make the effort to spend time with each of them individually. Call them by their names rather than "the twins." Give separate cards, gifts and birthday cakes so that they both feel special.

  • Encourage your twins to develop friendships with other youngsters at every stage of their childhood. The bond between twins is a wonderful thing, but if they only ever play with each other, they may struggle to cultivate healthy relationships later in life. Arrange separate play dates if possible.


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