How to Go Jogging With Your Baby


As a parent who loves to go for daily jogs, it can be hard to find time to go for a run when you have a little baby at home who needs all of your attention. Fortunately, you can take your little one along on your run, thanks to jogging strollers. Finding the right jogging stroller is the key to being able to keep up with your passion for running while keeping your little one happy and safe.

Things You'll Need

  • Jogging stroller
  • Wait until your baby is at least 6 months of age. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Mayo Clinic, it is not recommended that babies younger than 6 months use jogging strollers because the strollers lack head support and the occupants are unable to recline. Some jogging stroller manufacturers recommend waiting until a child is 8 months of age. Talk with your pediatrician to ensure your child is developed enough to use a jogging stroller.

  • Choose the right type of jogging stroller. An ideal jogging stroller for a regular jogger should have a large front wheel that locks into a fixed position and can also unlock for easier maneuverability. It should also have adjustable non-slip handlebars, a hand break, a sturdy shoulder harness, a canopy to protect your child from the elements, and a wrist strap to ensure that the jogging stroller doesn't get away from you. You also want to look for jogging strollers that have pockets and zippers to hold baby supplies. If you plan to jog regularly on unpaved roads, such as dirt or gravel roads, make sure the jogging stroller has a high shock absorbency and wider tires. Test-drive the stroller in the store if you can.

  • Choose a safe jogging route. Stick to sidewalks or public parks with smooth jogging paths whenever possible. If you have no choice but to run on the road, make sure to run with the direction of traffic as close to the side of the road as possible and wear bright colors to ensure you are visible to traffic. Never go jogging with your baby after dark.

  • Place your baby securely into the stroller using the shoulder harness. Adjust to make sure that the harness is snug and secure, but not digging into your child's shoulders. Use sunscreen and the canopy to protect your baby from the rays of the sun. In cold weather, make sure your baby is wearing extra clothing and an outer coat for warmth.

  • Make adjustments to the stroller. Adjust the handlebars so that it is at the proper height, which should be the distance between the ground and your forearms when they are held parallel to the ground. Lock the front wheel if it is adjustable, unless you will be jogging on busy city streets and need to be able to make sharp turns frequently.

  • Run properly with the jogging stroller. Runner's World recommends that to keep from hurting yourself, always run in an upright position, not hunched forward, with arms bent while holding the stroller close to your body. Keep your toes forward toward the stroller and watch that they don't start to turn outward, especially when you are struggling to run uphill.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pack a small snack, water and a small toy for your baby while out on a run, especially if you are planning a long run.
  • Stay alert for any dangers coming your way on the road, such as potholes, other runners and animals, to prevent your baby from getting hurt.


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