How to Go to the Inbox in "Moshi Monsters"


Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play social browser game that offers users a collection of cute digital pets and different activities related to them. For instance, players can plant and grow fruit for their monsters or visit various locations to buy items and interact with other monster owners. Users can also visit each other’s rooms and leave messages for each other through the game’s “Pinboard” option. Checking your messages in Moshi Monsters takes only a few seconds.

  • Log in to your Moshi Monsters account.

  • Click the “Home” button to return to your monster’s room.

  • Click the bulletin board on the wall behind your monster to open your messages.

  • Click the “X” icon when you are finished with your Moshi Monsters inbox.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you receive a message from Moshi Monsters that says to “check your inbox,” this message refers to the email account you used when signing up for the game. Log in to your email provider for further details.


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