How to Build a Brick Gas Grill From Stock Parts


An outdoor kitchen is only as good as its equipment. If you pick the wrong size grill, you risk constantly waiting for food to cook and spending too much time standing over the hot grill. The outdoor kitchen begins with a solid grill. Making your own freestanding brick gas grill gives your entertaining area a customized look. By using stock parts, including a new grill or one you already own, you can finish the project in a weekend. The trick is to build a brick structure that surrounds your gas grill.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Fire-rated bricks
  • Garden hose
  • Level
  • Concrete
  • Plastic bucket
  • Trowel
  • Masonry adhesive
  • 2 outdoor countertops
  • Pick a location in your yard for the brick grill. Choose a location near your patio or choose a location further back in your yard. Measure the length of your gas grill and mark that area on the ground. Scratch a shovel around the grass, marking the outline of the grill.

  • Arrange fire-rated bricks in a square next your grill outline. Arrange a second series of bricks around the opposite end of the grill outline. Create a line of bricks stretching between the two brick squares. Slip the grill between the side blocks and check for any clearance issues.

  • Drag the edge of your shovel around all sides of the bricks. Remove the bricks and set to one side. Dig a 4-inch hole with the shovel, making two squares for the brick sides and a rectangle that represents the bricks lining the back of the grill.

  • Spray the dirt with water from your garden hose and pack down the dirt. Check the evenness of the ground with a level and do further packing if needed. Mix the concrete with water in a plastic bucket until it resembles peanut butter. Pour the wet concrete into the outlines, and let it cure for 72 hours.

  • Mix a second batch of concrete. Apply a 1/2-inch layer to the bottom of a brick and press onto the concrete base. Apply concrete to the bottom and sides of each brick and press into the concrete until you have a square base of bricks. Add additional layers of bricks until the side pillar is slightly shorter than the grill. Repeat this step with the pillar on the opposite side of the grill and the bricks lining the back.

  • Cover the top of one brick pillar with masonry adhesive and set an outdoor countertop on top. Repeat this step with the opposite pillar. With the pillars and back surrounding the grill, it makes it look like you have a built-in gas grill.

Tips & Warnings

  • Create even more of a built-in look by arranging bricks around the front of the gas grill. When you need to access the propane tank, simply grab the sides of the grill and lift it out of the brick surround.

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