How to Replace the Freezer Door Gasket on an Amana Model ATB2132ARQ

If you find your food is not freezing completely in your top-mount Amana refrigerator, it might be time to change the freezer door gasket. A loose or worn freezer door gasket allows the cold air to leak out of the freezer compartment while allowing room temperature air to seep into the compartment. Unlike many units, the Amana ATB2132ARQ does not have a gasket retainer. The freezer gasket fits into grooves between the inner door panel and the perimeter of the door. A replacement freezer gasket is available through Sears or an appliance repair center.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer
  • Plastic knife or spatula


    • 1

      Place the new freezer door gasket in a sink full of hot water. This softens the gasket enough to work it into the door during installation.

    • 2

      Open the Amana freezer door and remove any contents on the door shelves. Pull the top outside corner of the freezer door gasket down until the gasket releases from the inside groove.

    • 3

      Pull the gasket out of the freezer door groove along the perimeter of the door, once you have one corner loose. When pulling, grab the gasket close to the door. This helps prevent damage to the inner door panel.

    • 4

      Take the new gasket out of the water and dry it thoroughly. It is helpful to dry the gasket with a hair dryer on a medium setting. This dries the water off the gasket and keeps the gasket soft enough for installation.

    • 5

      Place the groove side of the freezer gasket against the inside of the door. The flat side of the gasket should face you. Begin pressing the top left corner of the gasket into the grooves between the door panel and door. If necessary, use a plastic knife or spatula to push the gasket into the groove.

    • 6

      Insert the gasket into the groove and the side closest to the refrigerator once you have the top corner in place, moving down toward the bottom of the door. Press the sides of the gasket into the door grooves as in Step 5. Ensure the gasket is snugly in the groove on the lower-hinge-side corner of the door.

    • 7

      Stretch the opposing bottom-right-lower corner, handle side, of the gasket and push it into the door groove along the bottom handle side corner of the door. Repeat for the remaining upper corner of the gasket over the upper handle side corner of the door. The top, bottom and handle side of the door gasket should be loose.

    • 8

      Go back and insert the gasket along the top, bottom and front side of the freezer door between the door edge and the inner-door panel.

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