How to Clean the Outer Drum on the Whirlpool Washing Machine LXR6232EQ0

How to Clean the Outer Drum on the Whirlpool Washing Machine LXR6232EQ0 thumbnail
Whirlpool washer drums can get dirty from overloading.

The Whirlpool washer model LXR6232EQ0 is a top-loading washer designed for high-capacity washing. As with most washers, accidents such as too much detergent or overloading with heavily soiled clothes can happen when loading the washer. It’s possible that over time the outer drum can get coated with caked detergent or dirt. This could interrupt the agitation cycle or cause rusting on the drum, depending on the debris. To clean the outer drum you have to remove the cabinet.

Things You'll Need

  • Channel lock wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Towel
  • Mild liquid soap (optional)
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      Unplug your Whirlpool’s power supply cord. Remove the drain tube from the drain line.

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      Detach the water supply lines from the faucet by using your channel lock wrench. Move the Whirlpool washer at least two feet forward to give yourself working room.

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      Remove the console screws with your screwdriver. When looking at the console from the front of the washer, they are situated at an angle at the bottom corners.

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      Grip both sides of the control panel. Pull up and forward to undo the retaining hooks. This might require gentle jiggling.

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      Push the control panel back and look for the silver retaining clips attaching it to the top cabinet. Insert your flat-head screwdriver into the retaining clip holes on the top cabinet and push in. This should release the retaining clips.

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      Look for the wiring harness in the console and locate the white plastic connector to the lid switch line. Disconnect it from the lid switch line by pulling the plastic connector apart. This may require using the flathead screwdriver to depress a connecting tab. Place the console to the side where it won’t get damaged.

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      Grasp either side of the washer cabinet with your arms. Pull up and toward you while shaking it gently to pull it off and reveal the outer drum.

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      Soak your towel in warm water and wipe down the outer drum. Consider mixing in mild liquid soap with your towel if the drum is heavily soiled.

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