How to Install TomTom Navigon 2100

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The 2100 can be mounted like the receiver pictured.

The TomTom Navigon 2100 is a portable, 3.5-inch GPS receiver released in late 2007 as a more affordable counterpart to the 5100 and 7100 series. It comes with the tools needed to conveniently mount it in a vehicle, so you don't have to worry about fumbling around for it while you're hurtling through traffic.

Things You'll Need

  • Car cradle
  • Device holder
  • Car charger cable
  • SD card
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  1. Preparation

    • 1

      Plug the USB end of the car charger into the Navigon 2100, and insert the other end into the car's cigarette lighter port.

    • 2

      Insert the SD card into the slot on the side of the GPS receiver.

    • 3

      Dry the mounting surface and the suction cup on the car cradle.

    Installing the Cradle

    • 4

      Unscrew the holding screw from the top of the cradle by using your fingers (no tool necessary).

    • 5

      Align the back of the device holder into the cradle and securely tighten the screw back into place.

    • 6

      Position the suction cup to your desired mounting surface and press the suction-cup lever down to secure it in place.

    Installing the Receiver

    • 7

      Insert the TomTom Navigon 2100 into the device holder by aligning the slots on the top and bottom of the receiver with the small projection slots on the bottom and top of the holder.

    • 8

      Tilt the receiver slightly backwards until it locks into place, and then adjust the holder so you can easily see the receiver from the driver's seat.

    • 9

      Press and hold the "On/Off" switch for 6 seconds to turn on the receiver.

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