How to Highlight a Tag in iFrame Content

HTML iFrame support many major attributes common to HTML and CSS including class, id, title and style. It also includes optional attributes like align, height, scrolling, src, width and selectFrame. The selectFrame attribute can highlight specific tags within the iFrame content. This function only highlights the tags chosen within the iFrame section and leaves out all others.


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      Open the text editor program you use to write your HTML, Javascript and IFrame code. Select "File" and then choose "Open Project." Navigate the browser window to select the file you want to use.

    • 2

      Type "selectFrame("");" in the "<head>" section of your page.

    • 3

      Type the name of the tag you wish to highlight inside the quotation marks within the parentheses. For instance, if you wanted to highlight the <span> tag within your iFrame content, you would type "selectFrame("<span>");" in the "<head>" section.

    • 4

      Click the "File" menu button and then choose "Save." The tags selected appear highlighted in the iFrame content section.

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