How to Install a Metal Spring Gate Closer

A metal spring gate closer is a self-locking mechanism that allows the gate to close on its own. The assembly creates tension along the spring when it is compressed, causing it to expand to its original position and close the gate. Spring gate closers are commonly used to close gates installed around pool fences, so they self-close after they are opened. Although you should add the spring gate closer when installing your gate, you can add it any time.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal spring gate closer kit
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Adjustable wrench


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      Inspect the gate that you want to attach the spring gate closer to and its connection with the opening or fence. Swing the wood or metal gate open and close to ensure it latches into the existing hardware. If required, replace the latch with one that closes properly. In such a case, remove the mounting hardware and the old latch and replace it with a reliable one.

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      Install the gate closer on the same side as the hinges using a power drill and drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the provided screws. Wooden gates require no prior preparation before installation, because the gate closers feature brackets for wood screws. If the hinges of the gate are to the left, attach the spring closer’s bottom plate on the post and the top plate on the gate using the provided screws. However, alternate the locations of the top and bottom plate if the hinges of the gate are to the right.

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      Bolt the closer’s brackets to the frame it the gate is metal. Follow label directions for drilling pilot holes into the post and attaching the plate using machine bolts. However, the top and bottom plate locations remain the same as for wooden gates.

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      Test the gate to ensure it opens smoothly and latches after closing. If required, adjust the latch pin according to the manufacturer’s directions to bring it back to its original position.

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      Open the gate fully and then release it so it self-closes. If there is not enough tension in the metal gate closer’s spring, the latch pin will not slide into the sleeve and the gate will not close properly. In such a case, tighten the top nut in a clockwise pattern to increase the tension in the spring. Conversely, turn the nut in an counterclockwise pattern to reduce the tension in the spring if the gate bounces against the latch. Test the gate again to ensure it closes properly.

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