How to Make a Flip Camera Motion Activated

Cisco’s Flip line of video cameras offer several features, such as one- or two-hour recording times, the ability to view recorded HD video on television and, when connected to a PC via USB cable, the ability to record video to your computer via pre-loaded FlipShare software. You can make your Flip camera motion-activated with the use of Dorgem, an open-source application that allows motion capture. Connecting your Flip to your PC with a wireless USB allows you to place the camera at points away from the computer that, if used for monitoring, allows for greater concealment.


    • 1

      Slide the USB latch concealing the USB port on the Flip Ultra HD down. Insert a USB cord in the camera.

    • 2

      Connect the Flip camera to your PC via USB cable or Bluetooth USB adaptor. You will be prompted to install the preloaded FlipShare software, if it's not already. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard to install.

    • 3

      Navigate to the Dorgem homepage and click “Download.” Click “Dorgem 2.1.exe.” The download will begin automatically. Follow the prompts, click “Install,” followed by “Finish.”

    • 4

      Open Dorgem and click the tab marked “Camera selection.” Select "Flip camera Ultra HD" from the drop-down menu.

    • 5

      Position the Flip camera where it will record its motion-activated video. Click “Preview.” The camera’s image will open in a preview pane. Adjust the camera as needed to your desired position for video capture.

    • 6

      Click “Source.” Adjust the video settings as needed, using the preview pane to monitor the changes.

    • 7

      Click “Options.” Check the box beside “Use motion detection.” Click “OK.”

    • 8

      Click “Store settings.” Check the box beside “File” followed by “OK.”

    • 9

      Type a name for the event the camera will capture in the “Name” field. For instance, you could name the event “vacation” if you are going to use the camera for monitoring while on holiday.

    • 10

      Check “Enable.” Type the intervals of time you want the Flip camera to take an image in the “Interval” field.

    • 11

      Check the box of the “Filename” field. The software will offer a “Save as” box. When typing your filename, include “%G%g” after the filename to timestamp it. Click “Save” then “OK.” Click “Close.”

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