PSD WordPress Themes Tutorial

For those who are not design- or development-savvy, a common practice when contracting a new WordPress design is to "mock-up" the look you want for your site in a Photoshop PSD file. Several WordPress designers and developers specialize in taking your PSD WordPress image layout, and turning it into code that the WordPress blogging system understands. Prices for each vary depending on the complexity of your project.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop


    • 1

      Open Adobe Photoshop on your PC.

    • 2

      Create a mock-up of what you want your WordPress template to look like. If you aren't skilled as a graphic designer, have someone who is complete the mock-up for you.

    • 3

      Click "File," and then "Save As." Enter a name for the file, and then save it as a PSD file (which will be the default file type).

    • 4

      Send it to a developer who specializes in converting PSD template mock-ups into full-fledged WordPress templates. Some examples are, and This process may take several days or several weeks, depending on how busy the developers and designers are. After you've received the ZIP file containing your theme, continue.

    • 5

      Sign in to your WordPress installation.

    • 6

      Click the "Themes" link in the "Appearance" section.

    • 7

      Click the "Install Themes" tab.

    • 8

      Click the "Upload" link.

    • 9

      Click the "Browse" button, and select the ZIP file for the theme you were sent. When given the option to activate your new theme, click "Activate." You have successfully taken a PSD from a mock-up image to a full WordPress theme.

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