How to Download an FMS Simulator for an Aircraft

Flying Model Simulator, or FMS, is a virtual environment that you can use to practice flying your radio controlled aircraft prior to flying your physical version of the aircraft. Though several types of aircraft are included with the software, many hobbyists have created models that you can download and use with the software. If your model aircraft isn't supplied with FMS, you might find a simulation of it on the Internet.


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      Navigate to the FMS Homepage website and click the "Downloads" link on the left menu. The FMS Downloads page opens on the screen. The FMS Homepage is located on the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich website.

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      Click the top link, labeled "Flug-Modell_Simulator (FMS) Version 2.0 Alpha 8.5 (5923 KB)," to download FMS to your computer. The downloaded file is labeled "fms2alpha85.exe."

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      Double-click the "fms2alpha85.exe" file that is downloaded to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

    • 4

      Search for the aircraft you want to use in FMS. When using a search engine, type the name of the aircraft along with "FMS models." Several websites also exist, such as the GGunners FMS website, with many models that you can look through and download.

    • 5

      Click the download link of the aircraft you want to use in FMS to download the aircraft files to your computer.

    • 6

      Unzip the file on your computer to create a folder with the name of the aircraft on it.

    • 7

      Open "My Computer" on your computer, click your hard disk drive, followed by "Program Files," "FMS" and "Models."

    • 8

      Right-click the aircraft model folder and select "Copy."

    • 9

      Right-click the "Models" window and select "Paste."

    • 10

      Start FMS on your computer.

    • 11

      Click "Model" in the upper menu and select "Load."

    • 12

      Double-click the folder with the name of the aircraft on it and then the file with the name of the aircraft. The aircraft is loaded into FMS.

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