How to Mix Gold & Oil-Rubbed Bronze in a Bathroom

Metallic pieces can make a major statement when used in decor, particularly when the decor in question is a petite bathroom. While many who elect to decorate with metallic hues opt only to sport one hue at a time, you can effectively mix them if you exercise care. Particularly in a bathroom, where you may already have some difficult-to-change metallics due to pre-existing features, such as your faucet, adding another metallic doesn't have to seem rule-breaking behavior.

Things You'll Need

  • Metallic-rich accents
  • Fall-themed wall hangings
  • Light linens


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      Select pieces that feature both metals instead of one metal in isolation. If you love oil-rubbed bronze, but your faucet is gold, or vice versa, tie your beloved decorating items with the pre-existing piece by seeking out some metallic-rich accents that feature both hues together. For example, if you can locate a toothbrush cup that features an assortment of metallics, you can unify your pieces of different metallic hues and make them seem less out of place.

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      Strike a balance between the two metals, using each relatively equally. Though you don't have to use the exact same number of oil-rubbed bronze pieces as you do gold ones, you shouldn't use markedly more of one than the other. If you do, the metallic tone you use less often will appear merely an afterthought, not a relevant part of your decor.

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      Seek wall hangings with earthy brown, orange and yellow tones. Look, for example, for fall-themed pictures as these wall hangings will likely feature similar hues as your metallic accents and, in doing so, tie the metallic pieces together.

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      Feature light linens to ensure that the space doesn't become overwhelming. Select white or cream linens to allow your mixed metals to be the stars of the show. If you choose a darker linen, you run the risk of making the space appear claustrophobic, particularly in a petite bathroom. If you want pops of color in your linens, choose linens with metallic strips or ribbing around them, tying them to the rest of your space.

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