How to Troubleshoot a Luxaire Electric Furnace

If your home uses an electric furnace, such as one manufactured by Luxaire, you will, at one point or another, need to address simple malfunctions that the furnace encounters. Some homeowners opt to hire an HVAC technician to repair their furnace when it malfunctions, but repairing the furnace on your own means you can restore comfort to your home while saving time and money by not having to hire a repair technician.


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      Inspect the furnace flue for any blockage or obstruction. Luxaire electric furnaces are equipped with safety mechanisms that shut the furnace down in the event that a flue blockage is detected. Inspect all parts of the furnace's ventilation system and clear out any blockages then test the furnace to see if it is functioning normally.

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      Check that the blower door is firmly closed. Another instance in which Luxaire furnaces are designed to shut down automatically is when the furnace blower's door is dislodged or not closed completely. Close the blower door and attempt to use the furnace again.

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      Inspect the furnace's burner for any rust or corrosion. Rust on the burner and surrounding areas indicates that excess condensation may be building up inside the furnace. Check the furnace pipe at the condensate drain for any damage or openings. In the absence of any openings, you may need to install a condensate pump to bring moisture away from the burner and into the condensate drain.

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