How to Plan Google Tech Talks

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Plan a Google Tech Talk viewing for a casual, inspirational staff meeting.

Google hosts a series of technology-focused lectures from prominent industry figures known as Google Tech Talks. These casual talks range in topic from science to engineering to medicine and more. Previous technology topics have included mobile Web performance, hacking culture, cloud storage and browser automation. Google Tech Talks can serve as inspiration for technology professionals and enthusiasts if viewed as a group. Planning for viewing Tech Talks doesn't take too much effort, as the videos are freely available on YouTube.


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      Sign in to your YouTube account with your Gmail account or username and password.

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      Choose a Google Tech Talk video you'd like to share or view well in advance of the viewing you'd like to schedule. Google lists these videos at Pick a topic relevant to your group – for instance, a discussion such as “Secrets of World-Class Software Organizations” for a group of software designers or “Exporting 3D Scenes From Maya to WebGL Using Clang and LLVM” for 3D modelers. As most Tech Talks are about an hour long, you'll probably want to keep it at one video per session.

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      Click the “Add to” button on the bottom-right corner of the video. Select “Watch later” from the drop-down menu. This will create a playlist entitled “Watch Later” and add the video to the playlist.

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      Choose a time, date and location to share the Tech Talk with your staff or friends. Send a group email to let everyone in on the plan. Copy and paste the video description, found under the video by clicking “...(more info)” to get everyone's gears turning before the viewing.

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      Gather supplies. For a comfortable viewing, a time and place shouldn't be the end of your planning. Make sure your viewing area has enough seating. Provide beverages and snacks for the hour-long session. Consider running the YouTube video from a computer to a larger television screen via an S-video output or viewing the video on an online-enabled HDTV, YouTube-compatible Blu-ray player or a TV connected to a YouTube-compatible video game console.

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      Create a list of questions or discussion topics related to the Google Tech Talk. For instance, if you plan on viewing “The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way,” address key points in the video. Ask what sets games apart from other media, and explore the elements that interactivity adds to the entertainment experience. Question the future of gaming and how it might co-exist with or usurp other forms of entertainment on both artistic and commercial levels. Design questions that will keep viewers thinking long after the video has ended.

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