How to Insert Stands Between 2 Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes often have multiple layers of different-size cakes. For each layer to be secure, you must use cake plates and supports. Otherwise, cake layers may sink into one another or slide off to the side, causing a cake catastrophe on your wedding day. Using proper supports also makes transporting the cake to the reception location easier as it is less likely to topple.

Things You'll Need

  • Cake stands
  • Cake stand columns
  • Ruler
  • Layers of cake


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      Match the size of the cake plate to the size of the tier of cake you're adding. Most wedding cakes have a large tier on the bottom that is followed by successively smaller tiers. If you're unsure, use the ruler to measure the diameter of the cake and match it to the diameter of the plate. The plate diameter may be listed on the packaging or the underside of the plate.

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      Insert the columns into the corresponding holes on the underside of the cake plate. There will be several holes for columns. Insert one column into each hole. The number of columns depends on the size and weight of the cake. After inserting each column, press on the top of it firmly to ensure it is completely inserted into the cake plate.

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      Place the cake plate and columns into the layer of cake below. Check that you are placing the cake in the middle. For example, if inserting a cake plate that's 12 inches in diameter on top of a 15-inch cake, there should be 3 inches around all sides of the plate. Once the cake plate is inserted, press firmly on the plate to ensure it's inserted all the way.

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      Place the next layer of cake on top of the cake plate. Transfer the cake by gently using a spatula to lift and slide the cake from the surface it's resting on to the cake plate. Adjust the cake so it is uniform with the cake plate underneath.

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