How to: Fashion Ponytails for Fine Hair

When it comes to hair -- types, styles, length, color -- many people fall prey to the "grass is always greener" mentality. If you have fine hair, you may wish for thicker hair so you can create a range of styles. You can still have success with these styles, including ponytails, if you take a few extra steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Volumizer gel or spray
  • Styling gel or mousse
  • Paddle hairbrush
  • Covered ponytail elastics
  • Hairspray
  • Ribbon, barrette or hair pins if desired


    • 1

      Dampen, but do not wash, the hair.

    • 2

      Work volumizer gel or spray into the roots of the hair and leave it in. Use styling gel or mousse on the length of the hair, using your fingers to work it out to the ends.

    • 3

      Brush the hair back from the crown, away from the sides and up from the nape of the neck, smoothing as you go. Gather the hair into a ponytail at the desired location.

    • 4

      Twist covered hair elastic around the ponytail to keep it in place. Smooth flyaway strands as needed with the brush, adding a little extra gel if needed. When the ponytail is completed as desired, spray hair with a nonsticky strong-hold hair spray.

    • 5

      Cover the elastic with ribbon, a stylish barrette or by pulling a small strand from the bottom of the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic several times. Pin it in place with a bobby pin or clip if needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Work with hair that has not been washed for a day or two, since the oil will help to shape and hold the ponytail.
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