How to Build a Rope Suspended Bed


Rope suspended beds give the sleeper a unique sensation due to the possibility of gentle rocking motion throughout the night. They are also visually arresting, and will define the room in which they are installed. This makes them perfect for children's rooms and for single adult rooms. The design works for a twin bed. The weight limit possible is based on the strength of the rope used, which should always be purchased from a store new to ensure that the load limit is known and the rope has been carefully inspected.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 boards, 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-by-96-inch
  • 2 boards, 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-by-45-inch
  • Plywood sheet, 3/4-by-48-by-96-inch
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • 2-inch wood screws
  • Stud finder
  • 4 eyehooks, 1-inch diameter
  • Screwdriver
  • Rope, 100-pound test load
  • Utility knife
  • Gorilla Glue

Building the Bed

  • Lay out two 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-by-96-inch boards and two 1 1/2-by-3 1/2-by-45-inch boards in a rectangular frame so that the shorter boards are between the longer boards.

  • Set a 3/4-by-48-by-96-inch plywood sheet on top of the rectangular frame. Drill holes around the perimeter of the plywood sheet and into the rectangular frame. Space the holes every foot, being careful not to go through the other side of the rectangular frame boards.

  • Attach the plywood sheet to the rectangular frame boards using 2-inch wood screws placed in each hole and then tightened completely using a drill.

  • Flip the bed over and drill two holes into each corner through both the frame boards and the plywood sheet with a drill bit slightly bigger than the diameter of the rope. Space the holes the same way at all four corners.

Hanging the Bed

  • Find the floor joists in the ceiling using a stud finder or by moving any ceiling panels aside. Drill a hole in a floor joist directly above each corner of the bed. Insert a 1-inch eyehook and twist the eyehook until the head is touching the wood of the joist. Pass a screwdriver through the eye and use it to twist if the twisting becomes difficult.

  • Thread the rope through the eyehook and down through one of the bed holes. Thread the other end of the rope through the other bed hole. Adjust the bed to the proper height and tie two overhand knots on the ends of each rope.

  • Prop the bed up on something and dip each knot in Gorilla Glue. Allow the glue to set for four hours. Repeat for the other corners of the bed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pad the edges of the bed with soft material to prevent damage to the walls.
  • Do not swing on the bed.
  • Always use rope tested and rated to carry well over twice the weight of the potential occupants.
  • Only tie the knots yourself if you are confident of your ability, otherwise have someone with better knot experience tie the knots.

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