How to Build Your Own Corner Nightstand

Placing a nightstand in the corner helps make use of a difficult place to utilize. Nightstands in the corner are out of the way and less likely to be jostled. These nightstands are customizable to fit any corner or bed height. The best way to conserve materials when making this nightstand is to make a pair of nightstands at one time. This way, you can use both halves of a diagonally cut board.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood board, 1-by-18-by-18-inch
  • Wood board, 1/2-by-16-by-16-inch
  • Saw
  • Wood screws, 2-inch
  • 3 rounded or square posts, 1 1/2-by-1 1/2-by-24-inch
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wood screws, 1-inch


    • 1

      Cut a 1/2-by-16-by-16-inch board in half from corner to corner so the result is two equal triangles. Set one triangle aside for another project. Stand three 1 1/2-by-1 1/2-by-24-inch posts up on their ends and set the triangle board on top of them. Arrange the posts so that one is located in each corner of the triangle, each post about one inch from the corner.

    • 2

      Drill two holes down through the triangle board and into each post. Set a 2-inch wood screw into each hole and attach the triangle board to the posts by tightening the screw completely with a drill.

    • 3

      Cut a 1-by-18-by-18-inch board in half from corner to corner so that there are two equal triangle boards. Set one aside. Set the other board upside down on the working surface. Set the assembled nightstand upside down on top of the larger triangle board. Arrange the triangle boards so that they are evenly spaced with the same amount of space between the edges of both boards.

    • 4

      Drill four holes through the bottom of the smaller triangle board and into the larger. Set 1-inch wood screws into the holes and tighten the screws into the boards with the drill, attaching the triangle boards firmly together.

Tips & Warnings

  • Paint or stain the entire board to give it uniformity and polish. Use four or five coats of sealant to protect the nightstand from water and food damage, allowing plenty of time for the coats to try in between.
  • Add additional shelves underneath the nightstand by screwing additional triangular boards in between the legs of the nightstand at varying heights.
  • Do not stand on the corner nightstand, as it may teeter under uneven weight distribution and topple, potentially causing injury.
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