How to Build a Four-Season Tent

Preparing for inclement weather is crucial for the adventurous camper. One way to be prepared is with a four-season tent. The difference between four-season tents and three-season tents is that they have rounded domes on top, which means that snow cannot settle and will instead slide off. The fabric of the tent is also heavier for a four-season tent. Keep your self warm and build a four-season tent the next time you go camping.

Things You'll Need

  • Tent
  • Rock
  • Hammer (optional)


    • 1

      Place the tent canopy on a flat surface.

    • 2

      Look at the color of the trim at the ends of each pole. Match the color with the right color at the end of the sleeves. Put the matching poles through the sleeves and insert the end into the grommet. Some poles are not color coded and you may need to follow the manufacturer's directions for the proper pole placement

    • 3

      Put the other end of the pole into the grommet on the opposite side. Fasten the Velcro ties to the sleeves on the pole.

    • 4

      Slip the gold pole through a pole sleeve on the vestibule of the flysheet. Slip the ends of them into the grommets on the canopy.

    • 5

      Use a rock or hammer to stake the poles into the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean your tent by wiping it down with plain water and a sponge.
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