How to Size Motorcycle Windscreens

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Full-face helmets are not an option for some riders.

Nothing raises appreciation of a motorcycle windshield like a beetle impacting your forehead at highway speeds. Sport bikers and trail riders wear full-face helmets to avoid such calamities. Most cruiser fans prefer less-confining headgear, and in some states, they legally ride with no helmet at all. Differing styles of windshields offer features such as handgrip protection or venting options that affect overall dimensions, but the height of any windshield is determined by a measurement taken from the top of the headlight cut-out to the highest point of the plastic shield. Protection is optimized when the fitment suits the individual bike and rider.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
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      Adjust the suspension settings of the bike to those most commonly used. Sit in the saddle of your motorcycle and raise the kickstand. Settle the bike's suspension by bouncing in the saddle a time or two.

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      Have an assistant extend the tape measure from the top of the headlight straight up to a height even with the center of your forehead. Record the measurement as a basis for windshield height selection.

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      Select a windshield that most closely approximates the recorded measurement. Adjust the rake of the windshield mounting to tailor the amount of protection provided, and to suit the bike profile or personal preference.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can obtain ample protection with a shield that is no lower than 2 inches below your measurements depending on your bike's ergonomics. Apply wax to the shield to help repel rain and insects.

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