How to Identify an Antique Carolina Pride Wood Stove

Glascock Stove and Manufacturing Company began in Greenville, North Carolina, in 1873. This company made a variety of wood stoves and heaters until the 1960s, when the foundry closed. The Carolina Pride heater was one model of small wood-fired heaters that the company produced. The Carolina Pride model came in two model numbers: 418 and 420. Both were made of sheet iron and were black with a nickel finish, according to the Glascock Stove Historian website.

Things You'll Need

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      Measure the dimensions of the stove. Carolina Pride stoves are small and narrow compared to some of the larger models, and they measure approximately 2 feet across and approximately 3 feet high, not counting the pipe extending from the top. The body of the stove is an oval shape.

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      Examine the feet of the stove. The Carolina Pride models have feet that extend approximately 6 inches from the ground and join to a piece of iron on the bottom of the stove. The legs curve outward at the top before tapering in and ending in a clawed foot. The feet of the stove, like its fittings on the door and handle, should be a nickel gray.

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      Examine the pattern on the door of the stove. The outside of the door on a Carolina Pride heater has a decorative pattern that resembles a window pane, with two rows and four columns resulting in eight "panes" where the black of the iron door shows through.

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      Examine the top panel of the stove. The top of a Carolina Pride stove is curved like the body of the stove, only larger. A decorative nickel cap with three holes covers the top panel.

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      Look for the name. Glascock stoves list the company name as well as the model number and name somewhere on the stove. This usually appears on the door.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to be sure your stove is a genuine Glascock Carolina Pride, contact an antique dealer or expert familiar with wood-fired heaters and stoves.

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