How to Add an Unlocked IMG to MapSource

Unlocked IMG, or image, files contain maps that are free from any restrictions. You can add them to your global positioning system (GPS) device without using a unit ID. MapSource is a tool developed by Garmin that is used to transfer data from your computer to your Garmin GPS device. It is able to create, view, and edit waypoints, routes and tracks. However, MapSource requires a map to work with.


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      Open your favorite Web browser and navigate to the Google MapSetToolKit page. Click the link to save the file on your hard disk drive. Right-click the archive you just downloaded, select the Extract All option and pick a folder into which to extract the archive. The archive contains just one file: MapSetToolKit.exe.

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      Navigate to the cGPSmapper download page and click the Download EXE Only (Version 0100d) link to download the setup file. Double-click the file you just downloaded and follow the instructions you see on your screen to install the tool.

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      Double-click the MapSetToolkit.exe file to start the software. Select the location of the cGPSmapper folder in the small window that pops up.

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      Click the "Select IMG" button and use the resulting file browser to locate and select the IMG file. Click the "OK" button and the image will appear in the left pane.

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      Select the image and click the "Add" button. The same image will appear in the right pane. Click the "Create Mapset" button.

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      Select a directory in which to save the resulting map in the Mapset directory section. Type a name for your new map in the Mapset Name text box. Enter a number in the Family ID text box. This number can be anything from 1 to 65535. Enter the version of your map, 1.0 for example. Leave the Copyright Info text box blank. Select Default in the Draw Priority and Transparent drop-down boxes. If you have a TYP file, select it in the TYP Files section.

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      Click the "Compile" button. Select the Install in MapSource option in the Options window that pops up and click the "Start" button. A few command prompt windows will appear and disappear. You will see a success message when the image file is added to MapSource.

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