How to Put the Internet on a DSI Using Cricket

Cricket is an ISP that offers mobile broadband Internet, which is Internet that is delivered via cellphone towers via a USB or PCMCIA card. Though these cards are often used with laptop and desktop computers, it can also be used with handheld Internet-enabled devices, such as Nintendo's DSi, with the aid of a mobile broadband Wi-Fi router.

Things You'll Need

  • Cricket Crosswave


    • 1

      Purchase a Cricket Crosswave, which is a flat device that resembles a smartphone and transmits a mobile broadband connection as a Wi-Fi network to which your Nintendo DSi can connect.

    • 2

      Sign up for a Cricket mobile broadband account if you don't already have one; otherwise register the device with your existing subscription via your Cricket account. Provide up-to-date billing information and any required personal information, such as your name, address and phone number.

    • 3

      Place the Cricket Crosswave on a flat surface in the room where you plan to use your Nintendo DSi. Turn the device on by pressing the "Power" button. It will begin transmitting mobile broadband.

    • 4

      Turn on your Nintendo DSi, and select the "Wrench" icon. Select "Internet," then "Connection Settings." Tap the drop-down menu next to "Connection 1," and select "Search for an Access Point." The Nintendo DSi will search for an available wireless connection and will display your Cricket Crosswave's Wi-Fi hotspot signal when it finds it. Select the wireless network; then tap "Connect."

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