How to Use WordPress Header on vBulletin

The vBulletin message-board software installs on your Web server to provide your site visitors with a communication method. The standard install sets up the vBulletin logo as the default image in the upper left corner. You can change this to a WordPress blog logo and link so users can return to your blog home page when they are finished reading the message board posts.


    • 1

      Open a Web browser and log in to the administration panel of your vBulletin dashboard.

    • 2

      Click "Styles and Templates" in the main dashboard menu. Click "Style Manager." Select the template style that you want to display on the message board and click "All Style Options" to open the customization window.

    • 3

      Change the "Title" attribute for your own logo image file and the link to your WordPress blog. The following code is an example of a custom logo named "logo.png" with a link to "":

      <a href=''><img src='logo.png'></a>

      Change the logo file name and the link location to your own.

    • 4

      Click "Save" to save your changes and then open the message board to verify that the header with your logo displays correctly. Click the logo to verify that the link works properly.

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