How to Use Omron Host Link With CS1 PLC

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The Omron Host Link Communications server acts as a central server for other devices and programs.

The Omron Host Link Communication Server is a Windows application which acts as a server for other Windows programs. It allows other Windows applications access to data from programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, using its host link protocol. The Host Link server communicates with several types of Omron devices, one of which is the CS1 PLC. The PLCs can provide everything from simple loop control to advanced process control, integrating hardware, software and process management.

Things You'll Need

  • Omron Host Link Communications Server
  • Omron CS1 PLC
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      Select "Configure/Topic Definition". In the ensuing dialog box, select "New". A new dialog box, with the name of "OMRHLINK Topic Definition" will appear.

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      Enter the name to use for this new topic, and select the COM port (from the drop-down menu) and the Host Link unit address (which will be from 0 to 31). The "Update Interval" field at the top should have a default setting of 1,000 milliseconds — if not, enter it now.

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      Select "CS1/CJ1" in the section titled "Device Type" of the "OMRHLINK Topic Definition" dialog box. Set the connection type to "Local" or "Network" according to your needs — if you select "Network" you will need to enter the network address and node for proper communication. Click OK to save this connection.

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