How to Knit With Seed Pearls

A seed bead is a tiny grain-sized bead that is popularly used in knitting and jewelry making. Seed pearls are small imperfect seed beads that will add decorative embellishment to your knitting work. They are one of the most common seed beads used in knitting, turning a normal knitting project into something special and eye-catching. Knitting with seed pearls is a technique that is utilized by beginner and advanced knitters alike. As long as you have the basics of knitting down, you will find it relatively easy to knit seed pearl embellishments into your project.

Things You'll Need

  • Size 6/0 seed pearls
  • Dental floss threader
  • Yarn
  • Knitting needles
  • Fine crochet hook


  1. Threading Beads Prior to Knitting

    • 1

      Use the dental floss threader to string seed pearls onto your yarn prior to beginning you knitting project. Slide the end of your yarn through the hole on the dental floss threader.

    • 2

      Place a size 6/0 seed pearl onto the pointed end of the dental floss threader. Slide the pearl over the loop of the threader and onto the yarn. The hole of the size 6/0 seed pearl will be large enough to fit most yarn types.

    • 3

      String approximately 5 to 6 inches of seed pearls onto each strand of yarn. If you are using yarn that is made of a silk and wool blend, do not string more than 4 to 5 inches onto each string of yarn. Otherwise the yarn will begin to look worn.

    • 4

      Cut the yarn and start stringing a new strand when you’ve reached the maximum amount of beads for your yarn blend. Depending on your knitting project you may want one or several strands of yarn with seed pearls.

    Knitting with Pre-strung Seed Pearls

    • 5

      Choose whether you want your seed pearls to look random or orderly in your knitting project. There are benefits to both looks; however, a random look will make knitting with seed pearls easier.

    • 6

      Begin knitting. Create a stitch and slide the seed pearl to the far right side. As you make your next stitch, keep the seed pearl from shifting over onto the new stitch. This will suspend the seed pearl between the two stitches, thus creating an organized look.

    • 7

      Continue knitting. However, to create a random look with the seed pearls in your project, knit without adjusting or moving the seed pearls as you stitch. Instead, let the seed pearls fall where they may as you create your stitches.

    Knitting and Stringing Seed Pearls at the Same Time

    • 8

      Make sure your fine crochet hook is thin enough to fit through the hole of your seed pearls.

    • 9

      Begin knitting. When you reach the area in which you would like to add a seed pearl embellishment, slide a bead onto the crochet hook. Snag the stitch you’ve just created with the hook.

    • 10

      Carefully slide the seed pearl from the hook and onto the loop of the snagged stitch. Bring your knitting needle back through the loop, securing the bead in place. Continue to knit, adding seed pearls in the desired places.

Tips & Warnings

  • A dental floss threader will make stringing seed pearls onto you yarn easy; however, if you are a more advanced knitter, you can also use a fine beading needle to string seed pearls.
  • Adding beads to your yarn as you go will save you time from having to string seed pearls onto your yarn prior to knitting. Please note, this technique limits the position of your bead. Beading as you go limits your beads to sitting vertically in your knitting work.
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