How to Make Ribbon Trinkets

You can transform a few simple pieces of your favorite ribbon into an adorable trinket to attach to your purse, backpack or even hang on the Christmas tree during the holiday season. The ribbons are shaped into multilayer bows and stiffened for long-lasting use. Make tiny trinkets for understated accessories, or show off your flamboyant side with large, colorful ornaments instead. Use the ribbon trinkets as a rainy day afternoon activity for children, or make some trinkets for yourself to embellish a few of your favorite things.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-inch-wide ribbon
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • 1-inch-wide ribbon
  • 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
  • Stiffening spray


    • 1

      Cut five pieces of 2-inch-wide ribbon. Make one piece 7 inches long, two pieces 5 inches long and the final two pieces 4 inches long.

    • 2

      Lay out the 7-inch-long piece of ribbon on a surface covered in newspaper or scrap cloth. Bring the ends of the ribbon together and sew along the overlapped edge to turn the ribbon into a loop. Repeat the step with each of the pieces of ribbon.

    • 3

      Press on each loop to lay them flat with the sewn edge in the middle. Place one of the 5-inch pieces of ribbon on top of the 7-inch piece. Place one of the 4-inch pieces on top of that. Sew through the center of the three layers to hold them together.

    • 4

      Flip over the joined ribbon. Place the remaining 5-inch piece and then the 4-inch piece on top. Sew through the center to join all layers. Keep the thread attached.

    • 5

      Pinch the center of the ribbons and wrap the thread around at least five or six times. The center of the layers is now pinched together like a bow tie.

    • 6

      Cut a 2-inch-long piece of 1-inch-wide ribbon. Wrap this ribbon around the center of the bow and sew the ends together to hide the thread beneath.

    • 7

      Cut a 3-inch-long piece of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon. Bring the ends of the ribbon together and sew the ends to the trinket, over the top of the seam of the 2-inch ribbon.

    • 8

      Hold the ribbon trinket by the center. Hold the spray bottle of stiffening spray about 8 inches away. Spray twice. Use your fingers to puff out each of the ribbon pieces.

    • 9

      Hold in the center again and lightly cover the trinket with a misting of the stiffening spray. Set the hair dryer on a low setting and dry for 1 minute.

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