How to Make a ProBoards Layout

ProBoards is a website that allows you to create your own online forum that focuses on a subject of your choice -- it could be painting, your favorite sports team or movies. Every ProBoard has the same default skin, and it's up to you to change your skin using the ProBoard interface in order to make your forum stand out. The more your forum stands out, the more likely your community is to grow.


    • 1

      Go to and log into your administrator account.

    • 2

      Click the "Admin" link located near the top of the page.

    • 3

      Scroll down to the "Customize Your Forum" section. Click "Skins/Forum Colors."

    • 4

      Scroll down to the "Forum Colors" section to begin creating your forum skin.

    • 5

      Change the colors for each of your forum elements by selecting the element, then clicking the color you want from the available color chart. To get a good result, it's recommended that you start with your background, and then move in from there, finishing with text. Remember that if the text and the background are too similar in color, your readers will have a difficult time reading the text.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to use complementing colors for a visually appealing result.
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