How to Make a Modeling Contact Page

Beginning a new modeling career may seem like an overwhelming experience, but there are a few basic steps every aspiring model must take in order to create exposure. One of the best ways to get your image out to potential agents is by creating a modeling contact page. This simple page gives agents your basic information and an image of you, and full contact information.

Things You'll Need

  • Image file of yourself
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Printer


    • 1

      Open a blank document in a word program on your computer. Consider using Microsoft Office, Wordpad, or Notepad to create your modeling contact page.

    • 2

      Change the size of font to 36-point or 48-point. The size of font depends on the length of your name. Write your full name across the top of the page, and click the center option.

    • 3

      Insert your image file directly below your name. The image should take up roughly 1/2 of the page. Adjust the image by clicking on it and dragging down the corner to make it larger.

    • 4

      Click off the image and click the "enter" key on your keyboard to begin a new line. Click the option to insert columns and select two columns. Select a 12-point font and type all of your information, such as name, age, height, weight and experience in the left column. Type your address, phone number and email address in the right side column.

    • 5

      Print the page on clean, straight printer paper. Mail or take copies of the modeling contact page to model agencies for exposure. They will contact you to schedule a shooting or an interview, but you should follow up with a phone call.

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