How to Set Up AmiBroker for IB

The AmiBroker market analysis application enables users to review graphs of the day's financial transactions. Users can compare all of the major financial indexes and matrices, ranging from Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) to the Short-Term Trading Index (TRIN). With the help of AmiBroker's Interactive Broker (IB) plugin, you can get live updates from over 90 international markets.


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      Download AmiBroker's IB DLL; a link is listed in the Resources section. Right-click on the AmiBroker shortcut on your desktop, and then select the "Open file location" option from its context menu. The AmiBroker directory will open.

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      Drag and drop the IB DLL into the "Plug-ins" folder, inside of the AmiBroker folder. Right-click inside of the AmiBroker folder. Highlight the "New" option from the context menu that appears, and then select the "Folder" option. Name the new folder "IB."

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      Launch Trader Workstation. Click on the program's "Configure" option, and then click on the "API" sub-option. Check the "Enable ActiveX" and "Socket Clients" boxes, and then type "" into the "Trusted IP Address" field.

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      Launch AmiBroker. Select the "New Database" option from the program's "File" heading. Click on the "Browse" button inside of the Database Settings menu, and then point the program to the newly created "IB" directory.

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      Click on the "Data Source" menu box, and then select the "Interactive Broker" plugin from it. Type the amount of bars you'd like to receive into the menu 's "Number of Bars to Load" field. Click on the "Base Time Interval" menu box to set the frequency of your updates.

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      Click on the Database Settings menu's "OK" button to complete IB's configuration.

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