How to Put Together a Polyester Dome Screen House

Outdoor entertaining, whether you're tailgating at the stadium, picnicking at the park or grilling at home, makes good memories for family and friends. However, if the weather looks gloomy or the mosquitoes are dive bombing your guests, a dome screen house can save the party. With a roof overhead and screens to discourage bugs, your get-together can continue without further interuption.

Things You'll Need

  • Hammer


    • 1

      Lay the polyester screen house upside down on a level site. If the pole pockets are on the exterior of the screen house, lay it right-side up.

    • 2

      Sort all the poles and parts by their labels. Place them in order of assembly according to the manufacturer's directions.

    • 3

      Locate the short roof poles, and insert them into the pole pockets above the door openings.

    • 4

      Insert the longer roof poles through the center of the screen house and into the connectors at the corners, flexing slightly to fit. Some manufacturers provide a plastic X-shaped fitting for the roof poles at the center top.

    • 5

      Attach the fabric loops on the ceiling, or roof, to the poles. Turn the screen house right-side up.

    • 6

      Assemble the leg poles, and insert them into the connectors.

    • 7

      Attach the hooks at the corners of the screen house to the leg poles.

    • 8

      Attach the guy lines to the tent. Extend outward to the ground until taut. Pound the stakes into the soil at an angle, facing away from the screen room. Hook the guy lines to the stakes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read the instruction sheet carefully before beginning to setup process
  • Recruit a helper. It is possible to set up a screen room by yourself, but it is much easier with two people.
  • Use caution when flexing the poles to insert into the pole pockets. Protect your eyes.
  • Never allow an open flame inside a screen house; it is a fire hazard.
  • Avoid taking shelter in a screen house during a thunderstorm.
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