How to Bind Covers With Windows

When making decor plans, you may want to print the plans out with a professional look, especially if you are presenting them as a business proposal or for a loan. You can make your written plan look professional by using a report cover to protect your work. Report covers are available in solid colors, they're available completely see-through and they're available with windows in the covers for just the title to show through. Several types of cover clasps are available, with the easiest being the ones that use three holes to secure the papers.

Things You'll Need

  • Three-hole punch


    • 1

      Create the title page of your decor plans so that the title is 3 inches down from the top of the page and no more than 4 inches wide. This aligns it so it is visible in the window of a standard report cover with window.

    • 2

      Print your entire decor plan and stack the paper so it lines up with all the corners flush.

    • 3

      Punch holes in the plans using a three-hole punch. You can buy one of these at any office supply or big-box store, or you can walk into many commercial mailing and office services centers to make use of one for free.

    • 4

      Feed the clips through the holes in the stacked paper so that the title is lined up with the window.

    • 5

      Close the clips according to their style, usually by fanning them down or snapping them shut.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also find covers that bind together using a spiral coil. This requires that the holes are punched with a compatible machine and the coil is fed through the holes.
  • Another option is a cover that does not require holes but holds papers in the cover fold seam with a tight clamp.
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